National Sales Meeting

Welcome To The Crayola National Sales Meeting


Crayola Badge created for event

The Challenge:

  • Inspire and motivate a sales force that has enjoyed three years of consecutive record breaking growth to continue increasing their success through the next year.
  • Create a theme reflecting the idea that three years of continued record growth has been part of a well organized plan and effort of the sales force, marketing, and management.
  • The theme message needs to continue working until the next annual meeting.
  • Create an exciting and upscale environment for the general sessions and awards dinner event.
  • Create an environment encouraging group interaction and engagement.



To meet the objectives we began by developing a theme and visual feel for the event. We created a two-part theme that would work for the meeting and as a continued call to action throughout the year.



Success by Design Theme

Consecutive years of increased sales were due to sales and management’s well thought out strategies and execution. A strong, coordinated team effort produced results that excelled from year to year. This is planned success, not a scatter shot, haphazard approach. This is Success by Design, the formula that has brought Crayola continued growth and will take the company to the next level of success.

Staging / General Session & Awards Dinner:

One ballroom was chosen for the General Session meetings and Awards Dinner. Lighting design and staging enhancements were designed to create different atmospheres for the events. The outboard angled shapes contained areas for gobo projections. The projected vertical theme text reinforced the core message. Lighting effects were used to build from a black and white to full color look during the opening video experience. Lighting designs accented each presentation with a unique color environment.

Crayola 2008 National Sales Meeting - Stage Concept

The angled stage design reflects an upward motion, and the sides push the viewer to look towards the center where the media played onscreen. The set design was masterfully brought to life by our team of staging experts. Construction, shipping to Aruba, and assembly were managed and executed in a turn-key style, on time and on budget.

Awards Dinner Theme:


Crayola 2008 National Sales Event

This simple and elegant theme fit into the celebratory dinner environment First Generation created. Reflecting the world of Crayola, the tables were designed as full color mini sets, complemented with matching lighting effects throughout the ballroom, and a looping thematic video. To set up the mood, we placed an ice sculpture of the Crayola logo at the entrance, with vivid uplighting that created a shimmering welcome for the attendees. The entrance hallway was lined with floor lighting beaming light upward toward the ceiling.

Teambuilding Activities:

Games were specifically created to allow teams to use their combined and individual strengths. Knowing the attendees were coming from and going to training meetings, the goal was also to provide an outlet for physical activity. The games had to be fun. The Crayola Mini Carnival was born! A variety of game stations allowed teams to use their memory, physical, and precision skills in a friendly atmosphere of competition.

Crayola 2008 National Sales Event



The Crayola attendees absolutely loved Aruba, and the celebratory nature of the meeting provided upbeat and energizing experiences for all. Meeting objectives were met as the sales and marketing teams immersed themselves in sessions providing important information
for the coming year. New products were unveiled and locations were provided for all attendees to test the products. Breakout sessions provided important delivery messages and tactics. Sales and marketing teams were able to engage in strategy sessions with the goal of continuing and increasing market success.

The momentum created by this meeting led to another winning year – a tribute to the dedication of the Crayola organization.