Olympus America Inc.
Life Science Group
National Meeting
Scottsdale, Arizona


The Challenge:

Olympus wanted a bold and memorable approach for their Life Science National Sales Meeting in Scottsdale, AZ. This was the first time the Scientific Equipment Group, Diagnostic Systems Group, and the Bio Business Development Groups were meeting together.

Olympus wanted to:

  • Create a pre-meeting buzz.
  • Have tremendous impact on the audience during the General
  • Have attendees come away from the meeting energized, with
    the momentum to create a bounce in sales.
  • Create an infection of spirit, camaraderie, and networking
    within the three groups.

First Generation partnered with Olympus to define the objectives of: sharing, training, and engagement, and the take-away message of “We’re Strong. We’re Unique. We’re Olympus.”


First Generation set the pace with the theme:

Ignite the Future! Synergy. Drive. Innovation.

The rationale: Ignite the Future speaks to forward momentum, using the combined strength of the SEG, DSG, and BBD sales forces to work together, to share knowledge, to help each other be more successful, and to put Olympus firmly ahead of the competition.

Pre-meeting communications tools were developed to create a buzz, and provide important information and updates. All design was consistent, reflecting elements of the theme and the event’s look and feel. The variety of media, from flash teasers to a meeting website, offered the attendees exciting ways to receive information, with the web media having the ability to be updated on demand.

The environment had to match the energy of the theme, and the First Generation team rose to the challenge creating an inspiring atmosphere with a unique stage design that played on the idea of Olympus and Life Science. The video, animations, and PowerPoint media designs featured a consistent energetic look with vivid colors and pacing.

Now, to blow the audience away. The answer was Street Jam, a global percussion, rhythm and dance group. This performance group was secured to perform the finales for the opening and closing general sessions. Their explosive infectious energy and unique style was sure to invigorate the audience.


The physical set presented a bold and dynamic environment for the audience. The giant screens made the media larger than life, and the technical equipment provided a colorful, crisp picture. Add the superior sound system and the audience was immersed in a true multimedia experience. Hidden during the General Session presentations, the funky musicians and dancers of Street Jam blasted onto the stage for the finale, bringing the crowd to its feet. The audience followed Street Jam into the courtyard and continued the Jam until the breakout sessions began. And this was only the beginning!

Throughout the week, the momentum continued to build with a street fair featuring an outrageous team building competition, elegant awards dinners, themed breakout sessions, and a closing performance by Street Jam.

The 425 attendees were electrified and motivated and Olympus management confirmed that people left with tremendous enthusiasm. The goal of interaction between the three separate groups was achieved. Individuals came together, different groups got to know each other, team building challenges strengthened relationships, and networking connections between the groups were formed.

Months after this event, First Generation had the opportunity to speak with several of the attendees. They remembered this event more than any other in Olympus history. They related that they left the event energized, and that this energy carried forward and generated their excitement about the company’s products. The goal of a bounce leading to increased sales for the groups had been realized!

First Generation was challenged to provide a turn-key solution from concept/theme development, creation of communications tools and team building exercises, to event planning, staging, management, and execution of the event. First Generation ignited Olympus!